Is it painful?
There can be some minor discomfort during a procedure, although most people experience very little. Topical anesthetics are applied before and during the procedure to insure the most comfortable experience. If you are sensitive to novocaine during a dental procedure, you may have less ablity to numb completely.

Is it really permanent?
Yes, it is.. The pigment molecules are deposited into the dermal layer of the skin and will be there forever in some form. The actual appearance will fade over time, and color retouching is recommended to keep it looking fresh.. Avoiding chemical exposure and wearing daily full spectrum sunscreen will help to insure the best results. Individual results will vary.

What is permanent cosmetics?

Permanent makeup or cosmetics refers to the art and science of implanting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. It is also known as cosmetic tattooing and can be applied by both machine or a hand tool. Even though trends in makeup come and go, cosmetic tattooing has been around for thousands of years!

Some particles of pigment will remain in your skin indefinitely, even if they are not seen by the naked eye, however the vibrancy will fade over time, and will need periodic touchups to keep your color fresh. The application of permanent makeup is a process, not a one time procedure, and usually requires several visits to get the desired results.

Permanent makeup is a safe procedure, regulated by the county and health departments. 

Is permanent makeup for me?

Permanent makeup is a great solution for anyone who wants to look their best, all day and night, with the least amount of time, effort and expense.  

Permanent cosmetics can benefit people who lead busy lives, those who are active in sports, and anyone who just doesn't have the time or ability to apply and reapply makeup. 

Many people have visual impairments, an unsteady hand, or suffer from allergies or makeup sensitivities. Certain medical issues can also affect hair growth, including: alopecia, hypothyroidism and other hormone irregularities, chemotherapy, surgeries, and trichotillomania. For others who may have facial asymmetries or scarring, permanent makeup can help bring more balance to the face or body.

The goal in choosing a permanent cosmetic procedure is not to change your look dramatically, but to create a natural and youthful look that compliments your features, your personality, and your lifestyle. When we look and feel our best, we can step into the world with confidence.

All pigments are custom blended according to your skin tones, with shape and size designed to be in harmony with your facial features, skin tone and personal style.

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More questions?

One of the most popular procedures, eyebrows frame the eyes and provide both expression and youthfulness. Created by applying fine lines to simulate hairstrokes (also referred to as microblading); thinning or sparse brows come to life by adding fullness, color, and contrast.  

Time, sun exposure, chemicals and treatments applied to the skin, and individual difference can all affect the longevity of cosmetic tattooing. To keep color intact, regular retouches will keep your procedure from fading away. If your original procedure was done elsewhere, a consultation is required to determine pricing.
$175, annual
$250, within 2 years
$350, within 3 years
$400, within 4 years

Color Corrections
If you have experienced an undesirable result following a permanent cosmetic procedure, most situations can be corrected by neutralizing an unnatural color and re-implanting a more appropriate pigment. In certain situations, removal may be necessary-options can be discussed in a free consultation. Several sessions may be required to achieve the desired results.
$175, hourly


Areola restoration may be necessary after reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy or breast enhancement. Whether covering up scars, or recreating the entire nipple, restoring the nipple can restore your breast to the most natural looking state.
$650, bilateral
$400, unilateral

Tattoo Removal
Sometimes, a full removal is necessary, either because a small tattoo is no longer desired, or previous work is so saturated that neutralizing existing color is not an option. In this case, Tattoo Vanish is used to draw out pigment in a series of treatments. Larger tattoos are better removed by laser, however small details and certain colors are better removed using this all natural, saline-based solution. Multiple treatments are necessary, with some scabbing and post-treatment down time. Pricing is determined by size of the area to be removed.
$75, 1" square
$175, 2" square
$275, 3" square
$375, 4" square


Procedures & Pricing
All procedures includes consultation, shaping, custom color, and one follow up.  

How long does the procedure take?
Most procedures take about 2 hours or less, so allow for enough time. It will a much more pleasant experience for everyone if you don't feel rushed. You will be lying on a table for most of the time, which is usually very comfortable.

What about aftercare?
There may be slight swelling and redness around the area immediately following a procedure. Lips will have more swelling and deeper color for several days.  Because the skin has been opened, care must be taken to avoid any contamination or infection, which is rare. A light ointment should be used as directed for the first week after any procedure. Showering and washing the face needs to be done with care. Avoiding swimming, intense exercise, or prolonged sun exposure- all are contraindicated for at least a week.

What is microblading?

Microblading is the hottest trend in permanent makeup. It is also referred to as microstroking, feathering, embroidery, and 3D brows. It involves using a hand tool with a grouping of very tiny needles that are dragged across the skin depositing pigment into the dermis, simulating realistic hair strokes. The results create very natural looking eyebrows, which can be augmented with a powdering technique for a beautiful effect!

Eyeliner accentuates the eyes, creating more definition to the most important feature of the face. The lash lines are enhanced by creating a thin line at the base of the upper and lower lashes to create either a crisp line or a more smokey look. 
$600, uppers & lowers 
$350, uppers only
$300, lowers only

Lining and shading the lips creates a more definite lip shape,  can improve the appearance of asymmetries, add color to pale lips, and help to keep the lip color from bleeding into surrounding lines. A second follow up procedure may be needed.


Scar Camouflage
If you have small superficial scarring, camouflage by implanting pigment to match the surrounding skin color may be an option. This can be a great solution to cover-up the face, neck or body; it is not recommended for areas of intense sun exposure.
$175, hourly


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Procedures & Pricing

All procedures include consultation,shaping, custom color, and follow up