Cynthia's facials are customized to each of her clients' needs, using a range of techniques and modalities, depending on the skin conditions and specific concerns. In addition to a full range of herbal combinations, Cynthia also uses the Hylunia Skincare line, which was designed by a team of dermatologists and chemists to create products that are irritant free, friendly to the most sensitive skin, free from any ingredients that have been linked to cancer or other harmful effects, and always, cruelty-free. Hylunia is based on five principles: prevention, purification, protection, penetration, and peace of mind, by reducing inflammation, repair and renewal of the skin, boosting of the immune system and detoxification from past damage.The products are all plant-based and vegan, paraben, preservative, gluten and dye-free, combining ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern medical science.

Each customized facial includes deep cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation treatment, ultrasonic extractions, mask application, hydration, serums, and eye treatment, each with a unique add-on feature to improve circulation and bring more radiance. Try the kansa wand, jade gua sha, facial cupping, or high frequency-or let Cynthia help you decide the best option.Treat yourself to healthy and beautiful skin.

Facial Treatments & Pricing

Skincare products are available for purchase.

Ayurveda Facial

Designed to bring your skin into balance, the Ayurvedic facial uses time-tested methodologies to rejuvenate and revive tired and dehydrated skin. The session involves a relaxing aromatic experience with a perfect blend of oils and herbs to compliment your skin and dosha. A kansa wand facial massage is included. Ideal for premature aging of the skin, inflammation, acne, circulation and glowing skin.

$90, 60 minutes

$105, 90 minutes, includes cupping

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Soothing Renewal Facial

A luxurious facial designed to soothe and and renew the complexion, focusing on de-stressing the body, mind and skin . Aloe vera, rose, and green tea calm and hydrate the skin, restoring it's natural healthy glow. Gua sha massage is included to boost circulation, lymphatic drainage, and release fascia.

$90, 60 minutes

$105, 90 minutes, includes cupping

Tightening & Brightening

In just one treatment, you can see the difference in brightness, tightness, and smoothness. This facial helps to reduce lines and wrinkles, works to lighten pigmentation and sun damage, and uses hyaluranic acid and Vitamin C to transform and renew your skin.Gua sha massage is included to boost circulation, lymphatic drainage, and release fascia.

$90, 60 minutes

$105, 90 minutes, includes cupping

Acne Therapy

This blemish control and prevention facial helps to remove blackheads and dead skin cells, reduce inflammation, repair cell damage, minimize pore size, and prevent future breakouts.This time-tested acne therapy uses the power of Vitamin C and natural fruit acids, andtioxidants and anti-inflammaorory herbal extracts  for clean fresh and smooth skin. Treatment includes high-frequency electrical stimulation to oxygenate the skin and release trapped bacteria.

$90, 60 minutes

$105, 90 minutes, includes cupping

Detoxification Facial

An anti-inflammatory treatment designed to gently nourish and soothe skin. This mood-lifting treatment features anti-oxidant and aromatherapy is a natural way to treat the effects of rosacea safely and effectively. Expect to see a reduction in redness and capillaries, and a deep cleanse to remove impurities.Gua sha massage is included to boost circulation, lymphatic drainage, and release fascia.

$90, 60 minutes

$105, 90 minutes, includes cupping

Hyaluronic Hydrating Facial

See firmer and younger looking skin with this anti-oxidnt rich, firming facial. Hyaluronic acid works to deeply hydrate, plump, and restore elasticity. Perfect for aging skin, this facial will leave your skin soft, firm, smooth and revitalized.Gua sha massage is included to boost circulation, lymphatic drainage, and release fascia.

$90, 60 minutes

$105, 90 minutes, includes cupping

Express Mini Facial

If you're pressed for time, this soothing treatment is for you.Take a mini-vacation and break up your busy day with a medical-grade and anti-inflammatory facial, designed to transform and hydrate your skin safely and effectively.

$50, 30 minutes

Add-OnTreatments & Pricing

One treatment is included with each facial.

Additional treatment, add $20

Gua Sha

This ancient Chinese massage tool is gently used to stimulate collagen and break up fascia that prevent the full circulation of nutrients. Repeated use along the meridian lines of the face decrease inflammation and tone the muscles of the face, bringing radiance and youthfulness.

Kansa Wand

A technique that has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years, the kansa metal is balances the pH levels of the skin. High acid levels of the skin lead to premature aging, puffiness, dullness, acne or inflammation, and sensitivities. A natural way to  reduce puffiness, this gentle massage technique brings more oxygen to the skin through increased circulation and lymphatic drainage, leading to glowing, healthy, youthful skin.

Facial Cupping

Another alternate therapy that uses suction cups to stimulate your skin and muscles of the face. It is used to increase blood circulation and stimulate the facial cells that help produce collagen and fortify skin.It brightens the skin, minimizes fine lines and scars, decreases puffiness and tones the muscles along the lower face and jawline.

HIgh Frequency

For those who prefer a safe, painless, and effective alternative to more invasive procedures and rejuvenation techniques, high frequency stimulation used regularly and over time, can create similar results to chemical peels, laser resurfacing, injectables or surgery. Benefits include: encouraging lymphatic drainage, increase of collagen, improvement in acne, rosacea or inflammation, fading of dark circles, reduce puffiness around the eyes, enhance blood circulation, improvement of skin texture and cellulite, exfoliation, and healthier hair growth.

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