Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone the best year possible, full of what fills your soul with passion, joy, peace, and fortitude on your journey through life. January and the new year are a wonderful time to reflect and take inventory on where you are and what you want for yourself and for the world. After the holiday intensity, it seems the perfect time for a little self-reflection and goal setting. Have you made any resolutions? Do you stick with them when you do? 

Rather than coming up with a resolution or goal, such as, "I want to loose ten pounds," it may be more helpful to think about what qualities you want more of in your life. Can you come up with ten virtues that you want to focus on for the year. This does require a bit of thinking, journaling or vision boarding, but why not spend a little time this month really thinking about your "ten"? Write them down, draw them, collage them, meditate and sit with them, and even spend some time refining and editing them. Each following month is an opportunity to focus on one. 

Here are my ten: strength, kindness, health, wealth, love, productivity, adventure, beauty, creativity, spirit. I can't wait to work with each of them and bring more of these qualities into my life. I hope you'll join me on this journey of growth, awareness and refinement as we practice our yoga, off the mat. 


Share some love-with yourself, with others, and with the world!

Every year, my yoga classes cycle through the yamas and niyamas-the first two limbs of yoga. The yamas (social ethics) are non-violence, honesty, non-stealing, self-control, and non-greed. The niyamas (personal practices) are cleanliness, contentment, discipline, self-study, and surrender to a higher power. We should always practice each of these, everyday.

Last month, we brainstormed our more personalized intentions, by choosing our own ten words and created a visual representation, kind of like a to-do list. Here is mine, and one from a student (Sonia). As you can see, there is no one way to do this, it is highly personal, from the words you choose, to the way you represent it. My hope is that each

month, we choose one theme and give it what you can. 

I am choosing LOVE. That seems like the best place for 

me to start. My daily meditations will focus on a sense 

of expansion outward, opening my heart physicially, 

emotionally, and energetically. Get ready for a month

of heart opening asana!

Namasté. Shanti.

Individual sessions

Weekly or bi-monthly one-on-one meetings to refine practices and build upon them. Includes postures, breathwork, guided meditations, discussion.


Monthly Reflections

Intake session

​Initial meeting is conducted, with completed forms, to determine goals of therapy. Session will include a preliminary practice, and a written protocol to be practiced at home.


Yoga Therapy Services & Pricing
A phone consultation is recommended to answer some of your basic questions.

Private group classes

Small group classes can be arranged in your home or in a studio


Yoga therapy sessions

Working with a certified yoga therapist will consist of an intake appointment to determine your goals, issues, and history. A session may include a variety of modalities, including: poses, guided meditations, journaling, breathing mechanics, talking, or chanting. Many clients benefit from a weekly meeting and checkin, with a daily practice to be done at home. It is typical for a client to come in with a physical complaint, and as the body is opened up and more receptive, it is very common for deeper emotional issues to arise. The yoga therapist's job is to create a safe space for the work to be done; healing is not always linear. For the work to be successful, a commitment to the process is necessary. Some issues are worked through more quickly, others may benefit from additional therapies, not provided in this scope of practice.  

What is yoga?

Yoga is ancient philosophy originating in India. It has become increasingly popular in the United States as a form of fitness, primarily, but as a means to increase overall health for the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga consists of eight limbs, which include: social and ethical behaviors; personal practices; physical poses for strength; flexibility and balance; breathwork, mental strength and focus; meditation; and connection with the divine. Not everyone practices each of these pieces of the yoga puzzle, but together they help to create a lifestyle of greater self-awareness, self-control, and self-mastery. There are a great many lineages and modern re-interpretations of these practices; it is a lifelong task to understand the depth of yoga, and well worth the effort to start on your journey.

What is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy differs from a traditional group yoga class because it is done individually and is structured around the specific needs of the client. Yoga therapy can be done in tandem with other healing modalities to treat all levels of disease, injury, trauma, or illness.  Traditional medicine tends to look at the body as a separate entity, mechanical in nature. Yoga looks at the body as a system of 5 bodies that work together to create a unique human with specific needs, desires, strengths, weaknesses, habits, body type, diet, and family history. The yoga therapist's job is to help each person unpeel their layers of body, energy, mind, emotion, and spirit, and help facilitate the body-mind back to a state of calm, balance and wellness. A yoga therapist is not medically trained, and therefore testing and diagnosis are recommended prior to sessions.

Group classes

Monday/Wednesday Pilates Barre, San Pedro YMCA, 9:30am

      free with membership

Monday, mat Pilates, San Pedro YMCA, 6pmTuesday/ThursdayYoga, Inner Harmony Yoga, 9am

     $12 per class, $80 for a package of eight classes

Wednesday, Yoga, San Pedro YMCA, 7pm

Saturday, Yoga, San Pedro YMCA, 9am

Sunday, Yoga, San Pedro YMCA, 10:15am

Monthly Restorative Yoga Nidra: Friday, February 16, 6-7:15pm

      $20 for event


San Pedro YMCA- 302 S Bandini St, San Pedro

Inner Harmony Yoga- 579 W 9th St, San Pedro

House calls

Some clients prefer to meet in their homes. Anything outside of a five mile radius, will incur a charge. 

$25, per half hour

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